Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who is Ben?

Ben is the third child in the family. He is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is assigned to the Utah Ogden mission. He departed for the mission training center on July 5, 2007. Within this mission he has served in West Layton, Brigham City and now Logan, Utah.

His Logan assignment places him on the Utah State University campus. His apartment is three doors away from his married sister Lauren. If that isn't strange enough, Logan was Ben's birthplace. Ben was born while his Dad attended Utah State University.

Prior to Ben's mission, he attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Ben aims to return to BYU and complete his undergraduate in physics and then move on to graduate school to eventually complete a PhD in Astrophysics.

Ben was a band geek in high school. He played the baritone. He was the band captain during his senior year. He also won several awards for his dedication to the band and for his musical abilties.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who is Becky?

Becky is the fourth child in the Boizelle family. Becky is interested in just about everything to do with the fine arts. From what I can tell she is pretty good at about everything to do with fine arts too! These special interests provide for a busy and meaningful life.

One of Becky's passions during high school has been performing in the marching band color guard. Becky has served as one of the guard captains each of her high school years. She has been fortunate to be part of a band program that has emphasized the color guard flag and dance routines as part of the complete show. This has helped her high school band and color guard earn top honors each year. Becky has marched twice in the Fiesta Bowl Parade in recognition of her superior flag work.

Another of Becky's other passions is modern and jazz dance. She clearly has a gift for expressing herself through body movement. She participates in her high school advanced dance program which includes opportunities to choriograph and perform her own dance numbers. Her success with this gift is leading her to pursue a dance instruction major.

Becky likes to write essays and fictional stories. I understand she is working on a fictional book at the time of this writing. Recently, she was recognized by our city, for an exceptional school essay on the US constitution. The city was impressed enough to give her two round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the US. Sweet!

Somewhere, among the many activities, Becky finds time to sing in the high school concert choir. Becky is in good academic standing and like her younger sibling is an A student with an occasional B now and then.

We will keep an eye on Becky as she moves on to college and fulfills her life dreams.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who is Lindsay?

Lindsay is the youngest in the family. She is four grades younger than her older sister Becky. I think this has been a challenge for Lindsay since she has not been close in age to her older siblings. When Jon, Lauren and Ben were at home it seemed the world revolved around their schedules and accomplishments.

Make no mistake. Lindsay is a force! While modest in her demeanor, she is talented and smart.

Lindsay loves horses and she rides with skill. Next to riding mountain trails, Lindsay likes to find open space and simply gallop fast.

Lindsay has added another sport to her repetoire. She does syncronized swimming. This is a tough sport! Lindsay makes it look so easy. However, as she decribes the moves, it is clear that it takes strength and athleticism to perform.

Lindsay plays the piano and sings in her school choir. She is generally an A student with a B tossed in every now and then. We received some good news the other day about a scholastic of her school essays will be submitted to the School District essay contest.

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Wonderful Family

I have a great life and I have a great family. I have been blessed with a terrific wife, Sandy (Spackman), and five beautiful children who have brought honor to the family name.

The oldest child is a son named Jon. He is followed by Lauren, then Ben, Becky and Lindsay.

Jon is attending BYU Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho, He will complete his degree in accounting in December of 2008. Lauren, recently married to Erik Merkley of Layton, Utah, will graduate with her degree in history education at Utah State University in the Spring of 2008. Ben is serving a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Ogden, Utah mission. Becky is completing her senior year of high school. Lindsay is finishing junior high.

Sandy has a full-time position as the COO of the Dave Boizelle Family. She is the glue that holds the family together. She wears many hats and holds many titles. In additional to her family duties, Sandy is currently serving as a counselor in the Stake Relief Society Presidency.

Dave, the author of this blog, tries his best to be the father and provider for the family. He currently works for RSM McGladrey, an Professional Services firm (public accounting) headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota. His current role is Chief Learning Officer with responsibility for directing the design, development and delivery of technical, non-technical and management and leadership training. This role requires frequent travel to Bloomington . Dave has the best church job! He is the Gospel Doctrine teacher in his Ward.