Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Verdict

The verdict on the hand is in. It is quite simple, really. The hand surgeon told me that I have torn ligaments. Specifically, the rupture of the Radial Collateral Ligament of the Index Metacarpophalangeal Joint (how's that for medical lingo?).

That is the fiberous connecting ligament between the middle and index fingers at the joint where the fingers meet the hand.

The treatment for now is to keep the index and middle fingers from spreading apart and keeping the ligament from healing. I am using buddy tape to keep the fingers together. If after a few weeks the ligament does not heal, then the surgeon will make a small incision between the knuckle of the two fingers and sew the ligament back together.

I am not restricted from cycling. I just need to keep the fingers taped together.

Monday, November 24, 2008


The 2008 tour of Tucson appears to have been a great success. Close to 7,000 riders competed in different elements of the 109 mile circuit. I rode the 67 mile course. Other distances included 80 miles and 30 miles. This is the largest perimeter (around the perimeter of a city) cycling event in the country.

As some of you know, I injured my hand a few weeks ago during a training ride. The results of the initial x-ray showed no broken bones but the MRI results I received last Friday indicated bone contusions on the second and third fingers of the right hand and torn ligaments on the third finger of the same hand. My family doctor gave me the name and number for a hand surgeon! Yikes! I have an appointment tomorrow. But I digress..

Given the uncertainty about my hand, I chose to ride a lessor distance. I wasn't certain that the hand would hold up for the 109 mile event. I actually enjoyed the 67 mile event. It was long enough to be a test of will but short enough to go for more speed.

The results are not official but I did place pretty well. I finished in about 100th place out of 1209 riders with a time somewhere around 3 hours 35 minutes, well within my goal. I started closer to the back of the group and the police caused us to stop at about 6 stop lights so I lost about 8-10 minutes of rolling time. Better luck next year.

I found this 2007 picture on the web by Leslie Hawes (www.lesliehawes.com/wordpress/?p=822) that is a good depiction of the race. She has others pictures of the event as well.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Lauren

We have a Star Birthday today.
23 on the 23rd

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Relief is Spelled E-N-R-I-C-H-M-E-N-T

Sandy led a very successful Stake Humanitarian and Enrichment event at the end of September for the Boulder Creek Stake. The event, with luncheon, preceded the Relief Society Broadcast. Ernie Briggs, the husband of the Stake Relief Society President, and I attended. We were man servants in the kitchen. I was quite impressed with overall event and quite proud of Sandy's leadership and coordination efforts. She, of course, was assisted by a capable Relief Society Presidency and humanitarian leaders but I have to say that she not only fulfilled her assignment but magnified her calling.

I took a few pictures of the event so her children and other blog visitors can see the fruits of her labor.

A Syncronized Message About Lindsay

Lindsay recently competed in a synchronized swimming event for individual skills. Several teams from around AZ competed. Lindsay earned a second place finish for her age group. In addition to the competition, she also became a "big sister" to two younger swimmers on the Desert Dolphins team. She is shown above with one of the "little sisters."

In the picture to the left, Lindsay is in front of the judges and ready to execute one of her individual maneuvers or figures. At this event there are a total of three judges per station. The high and low score are dropped. The total score after 4 stations is computed and awards are based on overall highest scores by age group.

A panel of judges awards points from 0 to 10 based on the accuracy of the performance and the timing, height, stability, and control of the figures. In the technical routine, the swimmers must perform a set list of elements, or combinations of figures and swimming strokes. Technical merit encompasses the execution, synchronization, and difficulty of the elements.

Lindsay's is beginning a walkover, above.

To the right, Lindsay is at the mid-point of the walkover.

This is the full split element of the walk over. The figure is competed by bringing both legs together vertically and out of the water then sinking below the water.

Dad Goes Down

If you are into cycling, sooner or later you will crash. I did just that yesterday during a 97 mile training ride with some friends. We are all training for the Tour of Tucson so getting a century or two in before the big ride is essential. We were about 20 miles from the end of the ride when we approached a roadway construction zone.
The lanes were marked off with vertical safety panels, similar the picture to the left. I looked behind me for traffic and fellow riders before crossing into the traffic free lane. I had no sooner turned to face forward when one of the safety panels jumped in front of me. I never saw it coming! Wham! I dropped to the pavement like a rock. I landed hard on my left shoulder. My helmet hit the edge of the reflector pressing my sunglasses into the flesh around my left eye. The lens sliced a neat slit just below my eye.

I didn't take anyone else down with me, thank goodness. I got up an dusted myself off, and started to check my bike over. No major damage of scuffing. The front wheel was a little out of true. I opened my front brake calipers to allow for the wobble. My riding companions checked me over. No major damage that would keep me from riding just a little wounded pride. I hadn't crashed in over 20 years so I guess I was due. Back on the bike and on we rode on.
When I got home, I started to feel the effects of the crash. I had a nice raspberry on top of my left shoulder. Stiffness was setting in but I don't think I broke anything.

Today, my right hand is swollen around the knuckle. I find it hard to bend my hand. My fingers are now bent like I am about to grasp an object. Again, I don't think I broke any fingers but I must have jammed the knuckle.

If I am not noticing a recovery by tomorrow I will head for the doc. I need to heal up quick so I can get back on the bike.