Sunday, May 24, 2009

All Alone

Sandy and Lindsay have driven to Utah to attend the wedding of Randee Hawkes and Tim Bereese. I decided not to go with Sandy since she plans to stay the entire week. I couldn't justify spending that much time away from the job search and access to critical job search resources. I am in the 5th month of job search and the stress is starting to take a toll. A new work situation would be most welcome as soon as possible.

There is always something to learn in these situations. The key learning for me is this: always demonstrate that what you do is linked to revenue generation or return on investment. Bottom for an organization that values your skills and sees a direct link between what you can do and the success of the business. If possible, work for a company that understands the value of strategic investments, has the resources to support strategic investments even in downturns and has a culture that values long-term thinking as a competitive advantage. It is possible to have good skills and work for the wrong organization. Work for organizations that align as closely as possible with your values. This one thing alone will keep you engaged, energized and able to generate value.

Sandy has been away all but one day and I feel very alone. The house is empty. The prospect of a whole week without her is not pleasant. I am wondering how I will entertain myself on Memorial Day. Holidays are not the same without family present. By the end of the week I may decide that a trip to Utah would have been a better course of action.

I will try to get back to a more frequent blog updating schedule going forward.