Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting On With Life

Funny thing has happened on the way to finding a new job. I started consulting. Whether consulting will be my future or if it will be an interim way to earn a living is unclear. I can tell you that the work continues to come in and the revenue is growing. I enjoy the work. I get to do more of what I like to do.

I have affiliated myself with another consultant. His business is two-fold: Providing management and leadership development training and providing career transition services. I am engaged in both parts of the business. One day I will be helping downsized professionals develop a job search strategy and prepare a resume, etc., and another day I will develop or deliver leadership training.

I also provide consulting services through my own company including online personal branding workshops, developmental coaching, and custom management development training.

I have a pretty good pipeline of work already in place through mid-December. Next calendar year is looking promising. I continue, however, to look for good, traditional opportunities that are in line with my area of expertise. I have learned, however, to be realistic about being hired in this economy and in my local market. A seasoned recruiter told me early in the process that I would have a tough time finding commensurate work. I am perhaps over qualified or too experienced for most opportunities. Phoenix is a very transactional market - a "B" Market. Most all my experience is working more strategically for global companies in "A" markets. That's why the consulting angle seems to be working. Companies will buy the wisdom but they don't want it on the payroll.

So, I am just getting on with my life in the most productive way possible.