Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beautiful Amaryllis

Kathy Merkley sent an Amaryllis down to us when Erik and Lauren came to visit for Christmas. We watched it grow in the kitchen bay window since that time. The stem grew quickly and before we knew it, beautiful flowers appeared.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Synchronized Swimming Triumph

Lindsay's Desert Dolphin Synchronized Swim Team competed today. They chose a very difficult routine. There was concern that it might be too difficult. Competition and judging in Arizona are tough given the number of competitive synchronized swim team in the state. It is very difficult for a team to score well. Good scores are above 6.0 on a 10 point scale. The best teams in the state average about 6.8.

The team huddles before they begin their routine and a prayer is offered. I believe all the girls are LDS. This is a competitive team that has chosen to not swim on Sunday. This is the girls' choice. We are proud of them. This does mean that they will likely not go to nationals since the national competitions are held on Saturday and Sunday.

A quick pose with their team coach, Sarah.

The start of their routine.

The routine calls for three lifts. Lindsay's lifted on the first lift.

Lindsay at the peak of her lift. She settles back into the water artfully.

Someone took a video of the entire routine. Look for a link to Facebook in the future.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lindsay Continues Her Quest

For her prince.

Tour of Tucson Results are Now Official

(Disclaimer: I am probably making a big deal about this because of mid-life crisis issues)

The Tour of Tucson results are now official and posted. I can share my official results. I don't know why it took so long for the times to become official but there must be some inaccuracy in the tracking system.

The picture above is from the Tour newspaper and shows the group of 1210 riders that competed in the 67 mile event. Of the 1210 riders, there were 30 tandem couples. These tandems are great to have on the ride. You can get behind them and cruise. They break so much wind.

My official overall placing was 95. ( I moved up 13 spots since the unofficial results were reported). I finished with a time of 3 hours 41 minutes. I placed 30th among those riders that were between 50 and 60 years old. Not bad for an old man.

Update on Ben

Sister Joyce, the wife of Ben's mission president, occassionally sends us pictures of our missionary following a mission activity. Ben is pictured here with his new companion, Elder Snyder. I believe that Ben is training Elder Snyder. He is currently serving in Layton, Utah.

Ben often has family sightings and chance encounters due to so many relatives living in and around areas in which he has served. Ben wrote to us this week that his sister, Lauren, drove past him the other day in a relative's truck. She honked and honked as she drove by. The honking is not out of the ordinary. Lots of people do that but he did take notice this time. Ben commented in his letter, "Yes, I recognized Lauren as she drove by. I told my companion that I thought it was her. I was odded out by the truck. That thing must dwarf her! My spiritual sense is doing better. Soon, I will be able to recognize family from a mile away or more."

Ben also had an interesting experience the other day that was bound to happen. The Boizelle family lived in Fruit Heights for 2 years before moving to Arizona. Fruit Heights is in his mission boundaries. Ben had a number friends in his age group. He wrote, "So I met Joe Stephenson (from Fruit Heights). He gave me and my companion a ride, and later, (it was dark) as he dropped us off, he asked us our names, and when I said my last name, he turned around and said "Ben!?" I said yes, and we hugged. He just got back from a mission somewhere. It was good to know that people still remember you from so long ago."

Ben says that his missionary work is going well. I believe that Ben truly loves his missionary work. He is serving faithfully and will return with honor.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

When Dad Was a Tough Guy

Some pictures of Dad and associates provided by an old friend from New Jersey. Our ward youth group attended a 50s style dance at the stake center in East Brunswick, NJ. I don't know why our glasses were so large. It must have been the style or my head was too small.

Between the Eyes

Sandy visited the dentist the other day for a root canal. While she was lying in the chair, a piece of equipment came loose from the boom and fell on her face - right between her eyes just above her nose! Luckily, nothing was seriously broken or damaged.

When Sandy came home it was clear that she had been crying for some time. She explained that she had been hurt at the dentist office. I figured that the dentist slipped with the drill or knocked a tooth out by accident. She then explained that her tear ducts had been activated by the impact and would not shut off.

I am not allowed to post pictures of her face and the bruising. She is alright now.

Friday, January 2, 2009

And They Are Off to Las Vegas

Jon and Stephanie waved goodbye and headed for Las Vegas this afternoon. We wish them well.

Family Picture

The Boizelle family attended the funeral of Rex Spackman, Sandy's father, in Northern Utah on September 20, 2008. Ben was allowed by his mission president to attend the funeral and the graveside services. This gave us the opportunity for a family picture which included Jon's wife Stephanie Quinton and Lauren's husband Erik Merkley.

From left to right: Stephanie, Jon, Rebecca, Ben, Sandy, Dave, Lindsay, Erik, and Lauren.
I include a picture of the Rex Spackman family: Back row from left to right; Gary (mostly blocked), Leon. Second row; Howard, David, Roger, Dennis, Paul, Richard, Stephen (partially blocked). First row; Marne, Mary Ellen, Mildred (Rex's wife), Sandra, Sydney, and Diane.